Sunday, June 6, 2010

Transcend Space-Time-Causation Dimension. {78.}


There is a Guru Bachan
to the effect that
Sumiran helps one to transcend
the dimension of space-time-causation.
{Sumiran: chanting the divine Name.}

I don’t recall the exact words,
but I am yet
to comprehend it fully.

If constant Sumiran really can cause
{as it naturally must
because the Guru Bachans are true!}
one to transcend the barriers
of space, time and causation,
then one virtually ceases
to remain a human.

One becomes free from all karmas or actions,
even the ones that one commits,
since one always lives
inspired by God, dedicated to God,
and enveloped in consciousness of God.

God alone is the real,
mysterious, and absolute
dimension to existence;
so miracles need not surprise
one evolving closer to God.

True spirituality is mind-boggling;
the comfort of cozy beliefs
that one shares with others
needs to be shunned totally.

God demands and deserves transcendence.

Mysticism is only for those who can
walk the delicate internal tightrope to God!


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