Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Causation Works in Spirituality Fantastically. {90.}


The law of causation works true
in spirituality nonetheless
and magnified n times over.

What do I mean by this?

Well, it’s something like
good and bad stocks
in the securities markets.

If you invest a dollar
in a lousy stock,
you will certainly lose it.

Invest a dollar in a fair stock
and you may gain a few cents.

Investing in hot stocks ought to
get you magnified returns.

You may double your investment,
or get 10 times its return,
or even 100 times,
depending on the market factors,
trends and forces.

So much for causality
and variable returns in worldly matters.

Now, spirituality represents
a different dimension altogether.
So, the laws of causation work,
but the returns are naturally magnified
quite to the power of n times over.

God is the richest Being existent
and generosity comes naturally to Him.

So, invest a dollar
of pure love in God,
and you are bound to reap
a fortune in God’s love for you.

Invest a sincere prayer in God,
and the torrents of Grace
that engulf your life
will render your destiny
transformed for the better,
immeasurably and forever.

Spirituality is a very reliable playing field,
because God is the best bet and stock possible!

You can rest assured
none of your longings and efforts
is going quite unnoticed or waste.

Trust God,
do your bit, indeed, best,
and patiently await God’s justice.

God is God.
God proves He is God.
What must, indeed, will and does ... happen!


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