Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Miracle has Been Performed. {97.}


There were dark clouds hovering
above the serene, Sanctified Dayalbagh.

A nexus of evil forces
had recently troubled Satsangis immensely.

Now, the inevitable has occurred:
Radhasoami Dayal has very Mercifully
Performed a timely, befitting Miracle
to Protect His very Own.

It is heartening that Satsangis
proved devoted, loyal, courageous, united;
this is a great reassurance
and we must remain so.

All those Satsangis who volunteered
for defensive Seva in Kheth
merit our praise and encouragement,
and Reward from the Lord.

A battle has been won,
matters seem far rosier now,
but remember that the war
has not been won yet.

Let’s face life with strength,
deeply believing in our Faith,
committed to service of all,
and trusting Gracious Huzur absolutely.


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