Sunday, June 6, 2010

Make Space for Almighty Lord. {79.}


We are all terribly busy.
The world is a delight.
Life is full of desires.
So it would seem anyway.

Trapped within the human shield,
stuck within the Chaurasi cycle,
{of 84 lakh successive life-forms
for the transmigration of soul}
we have little time
to ponder over God.

Yet this is the only time
that we are ever to have
of securing our salvation.

Dil ka hujra saaf kar
Jaana ke aane ke liye.
Dhyan gairon ka hata
Usko bithane ke liye

That is,
“Purge your heart
that the Beloved may appear.
Cease awareness of others,
to allow divine consciousness.”

Nature permits no vacuum,
and things need space to be.

A life embroiled in
petty, superficial, worldly matters
cannot be destined for early redemption.

A mind perennially obsessed with
sensual thrills or material possessions
cannot harbor genuine spiritual longings.

Therefore, it pays to
curtail one’s worldly
associations, thoughts, activities.

There is little benefit from such things;
it’s just a waste of one’s time.

One’s life gets past
before one realizes it.

Make space for Almighty Lord.

Stop thinking of undeserving people,
stop pursuing unnecessary, sinful desires,
stop chasing hollow, worldly goals.

God is elsewhere, truth is different.

The route to God and salvation
are individual, mystical and internal.

Make space for God within your being.
Make space for Grace in your life.
Make space for redemption in your destiny.


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