Friday, June 4, 2010

Become Tough Enough for Life. {74.}


Our sacred but fledgling religion
has recently passed through a tough situation.

No, we must not be so cowardly
as to pray that the Supreme Lord
spare us such tests, trials and battles.

Let us accept that if our religion
is to gradually prevail
in the whole world
as humanity’s final, true panacea,
then we obviously have a lot of
hard work, problems, enemies, dangers,
ahead of us.

Let us instead pray for liberal
Grace, security, clarity, strength,
unity, resources, adequacy, victory.

As Param Guru Huzur Mehta Ji Maharaj had Advised,
let us practice “No despair.”

Let us also remember that,
“What does not kill me,
makes me stronger."
{Friedrich Nietzsche.}
“When the situation gets tough,
the tough get going.”

The Radhasoami religion of Dayalbagh
guarantees true and final salvation
to the best among humanity,
but we have much work to do,
and we shall have several long battles;
our Faith is not for cowards,
it is for pure,
perfect and powerful souls.


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