Monday, June 21, 2010

The Essence among the Diversity. {95.}


Life is a kaleidoscopic play
of Maya, or illusory reality.

It is easy to get lost
in the big and bad world.

Most people have lost their direction,
{or probably, they never had any},
yet keep going from sheer momentum
of the elementary urge to live.

Pause ... for a while, and reflect;
It’s never too late for anything.

This human birth is precious,
life is a priceless opportunity.

Seek the valuable, beyond the muck.
Seek God, beyond the world’s attractions.
Seek redemption, beyond life’s sundry temptations.

It’s a long uphill climb within.
There’s little time to be wasted.

The hell with everything else;
just strive for salvation earnestly.


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