Sunday, June 6, 2010

Life is a Brief Opportunity. {75.}


Life is a brief opportunity.

Life is God’s gift to the Jeevas {living beings}.

Birth in human form is priceless
because it enables one
the rare chance of securing salvation.

All else is basically just trash,
if not outright sin,
{sin being defined as
travesty of God’s will}.

Sensual thrills are shortlived,
material possessions cannot be lugged
into the hereafter.

A pity that most people
seemingly live only for these.

True, no person can even
desire God on one’s own;
it is God who gifts
the deserving souls
faith and longing.

So, all that one truly has
are essentially one’s soul
and one’s good deeds.

Life is too brief a dream.

Almost before one even realizes it,
one gets close to losing it.

All this is merely to stress
that one ought to
obey the Buddha’s last words,
by persevering steadfastly for redemption,
which our Revered Leaders also mandate.

That would be a life spent well,
with its purpose realized best,
regardless of all else
that constitutes merely Maya,
or illusory, destructible reality.


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