Sunday, June 20, 2010

Skirting on the Surface Perenially. {94.}


How long can this continue?
It is now getting unendurable.

This is just not it.

Mere skirting on the surface,
while the essence remains inaccessible.

Life has its own sundry
entanglements, limitations, compulsions and needs.

It merely perpetuates one’s bondage
to this world and life.

I long for the freedom
and transcendence that my soul
knows are its natural birthrights.

To slumber in life and
awaken blissfully to God within,
does not come quite easily.

I have been at it,
so may God help me;
I must gradually be nearing
the inner fusion I desire.

Let the soul awaken fast,
let God sanctify my soul.

God is to be realized,
I’ve had enough of this,
something must give way shortly,
I’ll access paradise very soon.


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