Friday, June 11, 2010

Extremely Joyous Holi Celebrations, Indeed. {83.}


As Satsang celebrates its memorable
150 years in the world,
the Holi festivities in Dayalbagh
and in the hearts of Satsangis worldwide
have now taken unprecedented forms,
coinciding as Holi does
with the sacred Birthday
of Gracious Huzur “Prem” Saran Satsangi Saheb Ji.

The two-day delightful, morning
Holi Bhakti Sangeet Milan program
at the fields in sacred Tannery
almost transported one to Radhasoami Dham!

Let us all gratefully celebrate
the forward march of Satsang
in this world during Kaliyuga,
and humbly pray to our
Most Supreme Lord, Radhasoami Dayal
for befitting Grace enabling us
to grow and spread globally,
leading devoted, exemplary, happy lives.


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