Friday, June 4, 2010

Practice Makes Perfect, Turns Real. {72.}


Kachhi se ek din hoegi pukki /
Jaisi baney taisi kar bhakti

Very apt, true and encouraging!

That is,
“From imperfect, it will become perfect,
Perform devotions just as you can.”

The above Paath or hymn lines from
the holy Sar Bachan {Nazm}
exhort us to continue
in our devotions to the Guru.

Do whatever you can,
do however you can,
do a much as you can.

Just don’t fail.
Just do it.
& keep on doing it.

Do your best and most,
even if is is imperfect,
even if it is limited.

Every karma or deed counts.
Every deed is being recorded.

All that you are now experiencing
is the result of your entire past karmas.

Hence, you must now invest
fresh good deeds
for a rosier future,
and the eventual bliss
of your salvation realized.

There will never be
quite an “ideal” time
or really “ideal” circumstances.

Do what you can:
right here,
right now,
with all that you have got!

Ab ki chook maaf nahin hogi /
Nana bidhi ke kasht saha

That is,
“If you lapse now,
or fail to utilize
{your opportunities, faculties, abilities,
means, resources,
which Grace has given you
& is enabling}
you won’t be forgiven this,
and you will have to
endure various difficulties thereafter.”

This is a warning;
let’s take grave heed of it.

Practice makes one’s efforts perfect.
Practice turns the aspirations real.

God judges us by our sincerity
& does not really expect
perfection from us.

Must God not know
how frail humans are?

Yet Radhasoami Dayal Loves us all,
& we must absolutely continue
our devotions & services
in whichever way we can.


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