Friday, June 4, 2010

Have Faith; God Remains Beyond. {71.}


God exists in human faith.

Sure, faith should be “right”.
But then, who defines whether
faith is “right” or “wrong”?

So, basically, faith is it.

Faith is a matter of
one’s own perception of God.

An understanding person will naturally
regard God to be infinitely understanding.

A vindictive person will somehow feel
God must be very vindictive.

Humans project their own fancied traits
upon a mysterious God,
and then form their beliefs,
which grow rigid with time.

Each of us will have experiences
that seem to prove God is
just as we variously view Him.

God remains God, inaccessible, incomprehensible.

The blind and dumb cannot describe
the glories of God.

To know God, one must
not remain a slave of one’s beliefs.
One needs to genuinely want God first.
One ought to see straight.
One should earnestly beg God
for Grace, Darshan, togetherness, salvation.

God wants these for us,
more than we ourselves do.

God is to be adequately
desired, valued, deserved….


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