Sunday, May 16, 2010

Grace Works, If You Deserve. {55.}


The sun smiles down on earth,
at its best and its worst,
with “equality”, making no distinction whatsoever.
However, the fertile soil grows plants and flowers,
while the barren deserts remain lifeless.
So, soil differences do matter crucially,
despite the same sunrays grounds receive.

The teacher explains a subject
to a class teeming with unruly students.
Most fail to understand the essentials,
a few grasp its basics,
while the one might even master it.
The difference lies not with the teacher,
but in the desire, attention, receptivity, intelligence,
& ability among the students.

Likewise, in the Satsang Bhawan,
hundreds of Satsangis behold the Guru’s Darshan,
and listen to the Satsang.
However, they derive varying benefit from it.
Prem sahit Guru Daras se /
Mitey sakal jiva khed
That is, if performed with love,
Darshan can rid you of
all your problems and anxieties.

So, let’s realize that it is
up to us individually
to deserve Grace from the Satguru.
His Grace exists, and will work,
like the sunrays on rich soil,
and the teacher’s words with an earnest student,
if we are ready and willing
to deserve it rightly.


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