Thursday, May 13, 2010

Discernible Benefits of Talking Less. {50.}


Param Guru Huzur Mehta Ji Maharaj
had once Reminded Satsangis that M. K. Gandhi
used to observe a weekly Maun,
or day of silence,
when he wouldn’t talk to anyone at all.

The habit of talking less
has several advantages
that we ought to consider.

One saves energy.
One remains serene.
One observes, thinks, understands more.

In a lighter vein,
if one talks less,
one is less likely
to make a fool of oneself,
and people are apt to respect you more
if you are a taciturn person,
rather than a chatterbox.

If you talk less,
your words are likely to be
more believed in and
have a greater impact than otherwise.

Moreover, talking less helps oneself
to remain collected,
enables a quicker withdrawal
of the sense organs,
and facilitates an internal ascent
of the surat or soul during meditation.

Talking less helps one remain
constantly internally attuned to the Lord.

As the Paath or hymn lines describe
the ideal state for us:
Moha na byape, jag nahin phansayi,
Rahe surat nirmal Guru satha,
Shabd mile rahe Charnan matha
, ...”

That is,
“Attachment doesn’t work, the world doesn’t entangle,
The soul remains pure with the Master,
With one’s forehead at the Lotus Feet, one attains the Word.”


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