Saturday, May 8, 2010

Eat Less; Live Better, Longer. {44.}


Do you live to eat,
or eat to live?

Most people seem to live
only to eat.
It is as if their life
is merely a directed movement
from one meal to another.

The Bible very rightly affirms:
“Man does not live by bread alone.”
There are other important values too.

I eat only to live,
though I realize the value of nutrition,
& can & do enjoy tasty dishes.

However, food is not
central to my worldview,
as appears to be with others.

The Paath or hymn lines advise:
Bhojan bahut na khaav / Tere bhale ki Kahun.”
That is,
“Don’t eat overly / I say for your welfare.”

Furthermore, a Guru Bachan Bids Satsangis to eat
only three-fourths of the amount
that one might normally want to.

In tune with the Satsang ideal
of “better-worldliness,”
we might apply it to
our dietary habits as well.

Let there be “better” food,
and not necessarily,
greater amounts of it.

Moreover, eating less is gradually
being accepted in medical circles
as considerably aiding
health and longevity.

We might well conclude
& resolves as follows:

Eat less, to live better!
Eat less, to live longer!


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