Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Salvation at One’s Own Initiative. {31.}


How often is an individual a prisoner
of her or his past & conditioning?

How invariably is a person a slave
of her or his circumstances?

It calls for considerable clarity,
vision, planning, will & courage
to fundamentally alter
the fabric that one finds oneself in.

People are too careless in matters
of their essential religious beliefs,
their very religion,
& quite indifferent at heart
to where their souls might be headed
in the afterlife.

Perhaps they don’t deeply, really
believe in God, the soul,
& the possibility of salvation.

Individual responsibility always remains final.
God judges & arbites on this basis.

The Guru can take you to God
{only the True Guru, & there is
presently only One on earth!}
only if you really believe
& want it intensely, passionately.

Anything short will fail;
nothing else will do!

So, earnestly care for your own salvation
& make the right, sustained
& persevering efforts for it!

You alone are responsible for yourself,
it can only be your individual act
to transfer your spiritual responsibility
to the Living Param Guru of Dayalbagh,
but you alone must decide,
& only you can personally do it.

So, what might you be waiting for?
Pralay or apocaplyse is but
a whisker's breath away
in the cosmic scale of things
& the brief human lifetime
flashes past in the twinkling
of an eye.

Go for your redemption: NOW!


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