Thursday, February 10, 2011

Living Constantly Close to Death. {117.}

Living Constantly Close to Death. {117.}


One should be close to God.

God is the reality the fortunate access
after having quit life itself.

The blessed rare manage to experience God
internally in meditation while alive.

It pays to remain aware,
clear about things,
God is beyond,
reality is transcendental,
body is bondage,
life is shackles.

One can considerably hasten
one’s evolution towards salvation,
by living in constant
remembrance of one’s death.

It is said that people who survive
a close brush with death,
emerge from it much changed.

This must be quite true.

Hence, one can consciously cultivate
such an attitude within oneself.

It is bound to trigger off
several positive stirrings within your being.

Live: close to death,
earnestly persevering for salvation!


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