Monday, February 7, 2011

Devote Yourself to Spirituality Intensely. {114.}

Devote Yourself to Spirituality Intensely. {114.}


I have a strange view
{indeed, most of my views
seem strange to most people,
but that’s beside the point!}
that only an excess works.

Life is a crowded, chaotic flux
and if you would have a difference be,
one needs to become an extremist.

Lest my words be misconstrued,
let me clarify my meaning and context.

Merely believing in God
Doesn’t get you paradise.

Merely becoming an initiated Satsangi
doesn’t ensure your early salvation.

Just dallying with spirituality
will attain you nothing.

Only an excess really works in life.

Either you do it,
or you just don’t;
alsorans amount to nothing!

So, devote yourself to spirituality
with your whole heart, will and soul.

If this means you need renounce
sundry comforts or pleasures,
well, just choose the greater value!

If this means enduring persecution
in its variegated base forms
at the instance of people
motivated by envy and malice,
continue absolutely along your path,
trusting the mystical Law
to vindicate you finally.

So, take stock of your state,
realize that you are far
from paradise yet.

Start doing the needful now;
God’s Grace guarantees your success!


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