Monday, July 19, 2010

Practice This: Less is More. {101.}


The aware, spiritually inclined, soul
will be naturally focused on the transcendental.

I may add that every Satsangi
ought to be such a soul.

So, a Satsangi should involve oneself
only minimally in base, worldly matters.

The world is hardly real;
life is a brief exercise.

The only worthwhile engagement is
the soul’s awakening and ascent
into the lofty divine realms.

Material possessions, worldly successes, and
sensual happiness ought to matter
the least they possibly can.

Less is more;
the less that you value the world,
the more do you deserve of God.

There is an inverse relationship
between the world and God,
and Satsangis better realize it.

Desires ought to be reduced,
to enable yearning for God.

As per the Paath {or hymn} lines,
Dil ka hujra saaf kar,
Jaana ke Aane ke liye /
Dhayn gairon ka hata,
Usko bithane ke liye

That is,
“Cleanse the receptacle of your heart,
For the Beloved to Arrive,
Withdraw attention from others,
To enable His occupancy.”

So, be gladly satisfied with less,
since less of materialism
spells more of spirituality,
provided you make the right efforts,
as prescribed, towards that fruitful end.


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