Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Soul Is God Within. {137.}


The soul is God within one’s being.

Does the soul really exist?

Scientific attempts to locate the soul
have apparently failed miserably so far.

If a thing cannot be proved to exist,
that does not ipso facto prove
that it does not exist altogether.

The way to God is through the soul.

The soul is the divine spark
latent in every being.

The soul can be accessed
through meditation, if performed rightly
under the tutelage of a living Master.

Mysticism will yield all the answers
that humanity sorely needs
and science cannot provide.

The quest for truth involves
tapping into one’s own soul,
and exploring the divine realms
that the soul can reach.

There is nothing without
that’s not already within!

God, I shall yet know Thee
in awakening my own soul internally.


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