Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I Am Also Verily Human. {136.}


I am as human as any other.

Forgive me, Lord,
but I do also often
question various premises
of the world’s major religions,
including our own Radhasoami religion of Dayalbagh.

Yet I know this faith
lives in my very blood and bones.

Of course, that cannot serve
as clinching evidence
of its fundamental tenets.

It’s too long and arduous
an uphill climb, my Lord,
so Help me
for I at times
weary in my faith.

But I sense Your Love and Grace tugging me,
and I persevere in my honest quest,
despite such occasional fleeting ‘moments’.

May the Supreme Parent Radhasoami Dayal
Mercifully Guide me and all living beings
unto His eternal blissful paradise!


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