Thursday, November 15, 2012

Stirrings and Musings within Me. {156.}

Radhasoami Dayal Ki Daya
Radhasoami Sahai

May Compassionate Radhasoami Shower His Grace
May Radhasoami Help


Oh, help me, my Supreme Parent
arrive unto You at the earliest!

There are now stirrings within me
evoking words from a mystical well
too deep for me to fathom.

I feel I am steadily evolving
beyond disease, health, my very body,
into another aura sired by my resonating prayers
that can instantly heal or wreak
all that it pleases.

There is an intuitiveness  
manifesting through my mind
that knows every truth there is
the unalloyed truth
the whole truth
shorn of distortion or verbiage.

Every mystery now stands resolved
and every question implicitly answered.
I have met and mated with the truth
and she is God.

I am amazingly moving
beyond sleep and wakefulness
into a continuing trance
that permeates my living.

I am inexorably transcending
beyond life and death
into a loftier realm
where the twilight glows  
and the words infinity and eternity
have been fully realized.

I mock sorrow and joy alike
serene in a bliss that heralds
nascent paradise to me.

Like all life so far
this, too, shall soon pass
and the path ahead lit
by God’s growing potent Grace.


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