Saturday, September 15, 2012

Longing to Sing a Song. {155.}

Radhasoami Dayal Ki Daya
Radhasoami Sahai

May Compassionate Radhasoami Shower His Grace
May Radhasoami Help


I’m longing to sing a song
to your ineffable glory
the like of which
no human may have penned before.

A song that revels in your sheer glory.

A song laced with love,
stemming from faith,
and fueled by mystical yearnings.

A melodious ode that seems like
a celebratory dance captured in words.

A hymn that traces the origin of creation,
encompasses all your existence,
and culminates with the apocalyptic dissolution.

Insights, visions and emotions within me
seek an expression in human language
that it is ill-equipped for.

So, help me, my Supreme Lord,
write the unique song
to your eternal glory
that I wish to live
in my fleeting timespan here.

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