Sunday, February 19, 2012

Who Says I Am Human? {149.}

Radhasoami Dayal Ki Daya
Radhasoami Sahai

May Compassionate Radhasoami Shower His Grace
May Radhasoami Help


There is really little need
for the twain to meet,
since there exists,
no dichotomy or schism anyway.

It’s all in the mind,
the self breeding its ego,
a false perception of a remote God somewhere inaccessible,  
and the difference of others out there.

The mystical being is united
with God just as it is
with Her entire creation.

Having chosen birth as a human,
being alive and apparently living
as a human,
I temporarily somewhat succumbed
to the illusion
of my being a human.

Who says I am human?
Who can, with any semblance at honesty,
even presume to regard me a human,
at least as all the others are?

It is time for truth.
It is time for honesty.

I shackled my own infinite soul
with the bonds of false beliefs,
and sought my freedom
despite no slavery ever having been.

Ah, is the human verily foolish!  
Indeed, let the truth free one.

The hour of my transcendence draws near,
I delight at the joy
of final fusion with my eternal Beloved.

Tear away the blinkers from my eyes,
let all doubt and confusion forever end.

The devotee celebrates God’s glory,
rejoices in His numerous miracles,
and the furtherance of
His most glorious Mission
of universal salvation.

Please note that I wrote the above
essentially as a mystical realization,
and certainly do not literally claim godliness;
though the twilight mystical existence
between the human and God,
between life and its consummation,
does not allow of descriptions quite rational.