Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Beware: This Blog is Magical! {130.}


This humble blog is overpoweringly magical.
This need not quite astonish anyone,

since miracles come naturally to God.

The Name Radhasoami is divine.
God’s Awareness & Grace Sanctify
the words this blog contains.

A home is but a house
until love renders it a home.
A temple is a mere building
unless God’s Awareness & Grace descend.

This blog is a blessed blog.

Any visitor to this blog
shall leave it subtly transformed.
She or he may not
realize, believe, or accept it;
but her or his destiny

shall stand altered --
fundamentally & irrevocably.

Beyond the human ego,
at the plane of the soul,
Grace shall work through this blog
to tug the readers’ souls Godward.
As water naturally flows down,
the soul aspires to fly towards God.
This blog shall serve as the impetus
that hastens your spiritual evolution.

I'm the insignificant & imperfect tool
that but honestly attempts to transcribe
what the Awesome Living Force Wills.

I humbly await, O Parent of all,
Your Miracles Performed
for Your most glorious Mission
of universal salvation.


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