Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Death that All Dread. {112.}


Param Sant Kabir Sahib Ji
has penned umpteen memorable lines,
including the following:
Ja marne se jag darey / Mere man anand
Kab mariho kab paiyo / Puran parmanand

That is,
“The death that all fear / I long for
Oh, when would I die and attain / Complete bliss.”

Caught up as we are
in the whirl of life,
it might be worthwhile to
pause and wonder about what
lies on the other side,
how one might cross over,
and achieve one’s true salvation.

Death is not to be feared;
it is the gateway to redemption.

Life is not the ultimate reality;
it’s a kaleidoscope offering a chance
for deserving souls to ensure salvation.

Let’s all value and live rightly,
focused on the paradise beyond life!


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