Thursday, November 11, 2010

All Hearts Throb for Dayalbagh. {113.}


As the exclusive repository
of the most glorious Nij Dhar,
the awesome Divine Current
from the loftiest paradise, Radhasoami Dham,
there is infinite responsibility upon Dayalbagh:
that of the establishment
of the Radhasoami religion
in the whole world,
and eventually universal salvation.

It’s not going to be easy,
it might seem difficult beyond words,
but divine Will triumphs over all.

Regardless of whatever happens,
let Satsangis nourish their deep faith
in the prophetic Words
of our August Founder
and our Revered Leaders.

The sun shall begin to glow
the rosier, more beneficial, truly redemptive
as the Radhasoami religion of Dayalbagh
emanates and transmits its healing rays
to every corner of this world.

Let’s await the mysterious plays
of divine Will with eagerness,
wanting the welfare of all
and trusting Gracious Huzur absolutely.


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