Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Praying for Instant Salvation, Lord. {107.}


The following Paath {or hymn} lines,
from the holy Sar Bachan {Nazm}
Mercifully Penned by our August Founder,
have always meant immensely to me:

Ab tho man kar chuka pukaar /
Radhasoami, Karo udhhaar

That is,
“The heart has now cried out,
Radhasoami, Redeem me.”

I find the use of the word
ab’ {or ‘now’} to be especially significant.

It appears to hide within it
untold striving, agonies, realizations.

So that finally, the heart
beseeches the Lord for salvation.

Well, much as this might seem
to be denying or escaping life,
that’s what the essence and import
of Radhasoami religion is all about.

This perishable world is to be quit,
life is to come to an end,
and the soul is to merrily
retrace its path to its
original, blissful and eternal Paradise.


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