Friday, September 24, 2010

Earnest Prayer to Radhasoami Dayal. {108.}


The Radhasoami religion teaches one
how to attain eternal bliss.

Satsangis ought to be shielded from sorrows,
and habitually bask in happiness.

Besides, I like good news,
even of others,
especially about Satsangis.

So, may Radhasoami Dayal Mercifully Accept
the following humble and sincere prayer
at His Lotus Feet from me:

Please Grant that I receive
only good news,
and preferably, very good news,
and even better good news,
about those who’re Your Own,
Your Chosen, Loved, and Beloved.

Let my living be interspersed with
such recurring, joyous, heartening good news.

Let the loneliness and barrenness
of my life be brightened,
with such soothing and satisfying good news.

Let this joy now become
my constant companion
until I achieve the eternal bliss
of final fusion in Your Being.


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