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Sacred Bhandara: Recalling Guru Bachans {23.}

Sacred Bhandara: Recalling Guru Bachans {23.}

Distinguishing Marks of Religious Person.

1. Be tender-hearted & sweet-tempered.
2. Develop honest desire for paramartha {spirituality}.
3. Have full faith in the Supreme Being.
4. Regard dear the person who informs about the Supreme Being.
5. Be tolerant & forgiving. Avoid anger & quarreling.
6. Entertain a degree of dislike towards worldly-minded people & objects of Maya.
7. Resolutely shun shyness & fear while performing parmartha.
8. Harbor constant devotional desires, employing one’s body, mind & wealth.
9. Strive to please the Guru rather than anyone else.
10. Determinedly keep one’s mind & senses under one’s control.
11. Avoid anything that might hinder parmarthi {religious} activities.
12. Meet criticism with equanimity & objectivity.
13. Guard against intrusion of pride in one’s parmarthi activities.
14. Being aware of one’s defects & faults, conduct oneself with love & humility towards all.
15. Rise above jealousy, anger & enmity, and don’t speak ill of anyone.
16. To take nothing from anyone & not to be greedy.
17. Never engage in parmartha for mere show, but do so sincerely for the Lord’s pleasure.

---- Note: This is not a direct quote, but merely enumerates the keywords or main points of the Bachan by Param Guru Huzur Maharaj Ji that may be read in full in Radhasoami Mat Sandesa, Pages 59 to 62, Bachan No. 128.


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