Monday, August 2, 2010

No Problem, Worry, Sorrow, Fear. {103.}



The human is a limited person,
shackled by various
imperfections and inadequacies.

However, let’s realize that
in the ultimate analysis,
there is no real cause for
any problem, worry, sorrow, or fear.

How can any problem exist
for the devotee, blessed recipient
of the Param Guru's Grace?

How can any devotee worry
knowing the Supreme Lord
Is Omniscient and Omnipotent?

How can any misery be
when the Guru showers bliss?

As the Paath {or hymn} lines affirm:
Guru adbhut sukh dikhlaya /
Kya mahima jaaye na gaaya

That is.
“The Master has Granted me unique bliss /
I cannot even sing its glories.”

There need be no fear
for one Protected by the Param Guru.

So, laugh at your difficulties,
trusting in the Guru’s Grace and Help.

Life is a brief play;
let us make the best of it
with the Param Guru's Grace.


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