Monday, October 24, 2011

Life is Akin to Hell. {134.}


A pig can be content
to wallow in the muck.

So, human contentment is hardly
an absolute measure
of one’s state of existence.

God, paradise, salvation,
and such words
have obviously remained mere words
despite umpteen divine incarnations worldwide,
many global religions,
and centuries of humanity’s
apparent quest for a veritable utopia.

Humanity is confused and floundering,
drowned in its own flood
of meaningless knowledge.

You’ve got to know
just what you’re missing
to truly want it.

The rare soul
who sincerely yearns for God
naturally believes in the hereafter
perhaps as all fail to.

To such a one,
life does become akin to hell
and eternal bliss draws her
across the threshold of life.

I fear this world seems destined
to witness many a disaster yet
before frolicking humanity really needs to:
believe in the beyond,
desperately turn to God,
and earnestly strive for its redemption.


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