Saturday, October 16, 2010

I Never Asked for It. {111.}


One might wonder at why
one happens to be alive.

One may choose to think,
one never asked for it.

But that isn’t really true.

One was born because one
must have wanted one’s birth.

One is alive because one
essentially wants to be alive.

It’s all got to do
with the soul and one’s
accumulated karmas and present sanskaras
{respectively meaning, deeds and tendencies}.

Sure, one may be encumbered
by one’s past negative karmas,
but all that can be
nullified with one’s present karmas.

It’s said that one can
fight fire only with fire.

So, when the world asserts itself,
battle it with one’s deep spirituality.

When people trouble you,
battle for your values.

The self is willy-nilly pitted
in a battle with most of non-self.

I mean battle figuratively, of course,
though it frequently occurs literally too.

One ought to live
intensely committed to God,
with indifference, goodwill, compassion
towards all of life,
{no, there’s no fundamental contradiction
in what I wrote above}
and earnestly persevering for one’s salvation.

This is the very best
of all philosophy and religions,
of course as I humbly see it.


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